Friday, February 5, 2010

Diagnosing Anxiety

Diagnosing Anxiety

My name is Dr. Griggs. I am a clinical psychologist and have worked in private practice over twenty years. I've written a single subject ebook about how to diagnose and treat your own anxiety. I presume you want straight answers. My goal is to help you understand/learn about anxiety and to teach skills to manage it. In this monograph, I share my tweyty-two years of professional experience in this particular subject. My goal is to help you identify the symptoms and begin to deal with your symptoms, if that is what is appropriate, or to learn when to seek a professional. Many types of anxiety do not require professional help and, conversely, many do. I mainly discuss anxiety, so if you have “other” symptoms (depression, eating disorders, addictions, etc.) you can obtain other monographs on these subjects later. Since anxiety often is associated with and sometimes underlies these other conditions. I will mention these other areas briefly.
I have written this monograph because I see many anxious people in my practice who did not need to spend their money or time going to a therapist. There are many people like you who want or need information about their experiences, but cannot afford to see a therapist. There are people suffering from anxiety who need a therapist and might respond to a monograph like this because it is specific and confidential. Each of these groups of people might benefit from my experience and get some clinical direction, and possibly move towards solving some of their problems by themselves without lengthy treatment. This document educates and offers at least an initial approach to a widespread problem, and does so safely, sensibly and inexpensively. If you do not require treatment, this material will help you find that out, put your mind at ease and save you money. If you do need a therapist, this material will help you figure that out and point you in the right direction.
Everything presented here has been researched and used in my private practice for years. This approach to the subject of anxiety is the one I take when I work with clients. The process is well documented in established psychological journals and other professional psychological literature. That does not mean the psychological techniques necessarily will be easy. They are effective within the limits set forth in this monograph. I take you to the limits of what can be done in a self-help manual. It may be reassuring that anxiety is a very common experience and is not limited to the young or old, rich or poor, or to any race, religion or geographic area. This material is applicable to any adult who is experiencing some form of anxiety and who wants to know more or to do something about it. For more information on this Anxiety Monograph, or on me, or how to contact me, please visit my website at:

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